Proof That Putting Classic and Rock Together is not an Oxymoron!

The Classic Rock Show

Theatre Severn


The Rock fan’s ultimate juke box this show is billed as. One might disagree because in a juke box one knows who the artist such luck here.

It is uncharacteristic to start with a moan however one is flummoxed as to why shows like this never carry programmes. I have just seen some of the best rock performances one has ever seen and there is no way as a reviewer is it possible to name who was who and who did what. Jess, John and Jessie were the only discernible names throughout the course of the evening. I say only discernible as the front man/audience relationship was never built upon in fact they spoke three times and one of them was to introduce the interval. Suh a shame. It almost looks like someone doesn’t want us to know who the players are? How strange that cannot be so? Probably not, but a company with no programme shows a certain arrogance.

Maybe it is arrogance that one needs to present this genre, after all there was a certain amount of narcissistic preening this evening. Still though one is saddened that one cannot furnish you with the names of the performers.

It is a great show with non-stop classic rock hits just like it says in the show flyer. There were flashes of genius and flashes of well, not so, but overall it is a great experience.

With a cast of ten musicians/singers they were equipped for anything that Rock Music had to throw at them. They played impeccably; they played with a unity that is a joy to experience and a pleasure to hear. Comprising nine men and one woman they were ready to cover any base.

The musicians are amazing. Note for perfect note, Hendrix, Gary Moore, Brian May ,The Beatles, Meat Loaf, they were all in the mix. Pleasingly not always the track you expected but other back catalogue works, or works that specific fans might know but the less enlightened might not, It didn’t matter every song was given the conviction that they deserved. It was pleasing that nobody felt the need to be the person whose work they were presenting. No, much better they just played and sang to the best of their abilities. On the whole the best of their abilities was more than enough.

The absolute pinnacle was when “Jess,” the female vocalist, stepped forward and sang, Alone, by Heart. She was spinetinglingly  amazing, such power and control I have a feeling that a long and thoroughly enjoyable career awaits Jess in the future as well as now. The stage also looked spectacular with, brilliant white prism lights extending incredibly thin beams all over the stage and auditorium...Breathtaking.

The backline is huge, Keys, Drums, Saxaphone, Percussion, Lead and Rhythm Guitars, a very exciting Bass and of course four singers to share the vocals. Now I love to tell you who the brilliant guitarist with the double guitar is..alas I cannot. I am only able to really tell you that he is a wonderful natural talent and to hear him play is to hear a musician with his own sense of brilliance and his own sense of style. He played the guitar so superbly finding licks and riffs that will make even some of the greats stop and take notice.

This is an exactly what it says on the tin sort of show. The audience were lapping it up. Some reliving their lost pasts with a warm bath of nostalgia some maybe experiencing this kind of music live for the first time either way this show will please.

It’s safe, it formulaic but needs to be, to be the show that it claims to be.

 I am sure that all the great rock songs in the world have not yet been written but remembering and showing just how good the boys and girls were back when this music was created will light a torch for everyone to see. Some will look to where its leading some will stay in the comfortable zone it illuminates, with the songs they love. One fact is for certain Rock will never die and shows like this have a responsibility to make sure it doesn’t get lost to posterity, sadly like so much more of our past.

This is solid, relevant and exciting rock and given that this was the last night of their tour and it is probably time for the cast to take a nice long rest and to reflect on the show and know that a great job was done.

This is a Four Star Review

Owen J.Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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