The Poetry of Warfare at Walker Theatre

Midlands Creative Projects,

In association with Belgrade Theatre Coventry and Bloodaxe Books


The Hundred  Years’ War

Walker Theatre

July 9th 2015

Take thirty five of the most poignant poems inspired by the conflicts of the last hundred years, add interpretation and understanding of that work, blend with three wonderfully rich voices and you will have created a highly dimensional and diverse piece of work. Thrilling in some areas, heart wrenching in others and tragically sad in total.That is what was presented this evening by the Midlands Creative Projects.

Poetry should belong in theatre and theatre belongs in poetry.  If the devising process or direction is strong and has a clear objective and one controlling message then brilliant theatre will be created. Such was the case tonight.

With poems written by the aggressor, the victor, the women and men, the victims of wars and conflicts, the audience was left with no doubts that wherever war is fought and for whatever reasons; the ones who have no control are the ones that suffer most.

It was chilling to hear  poems written by those we would  naturally consider as foes only to learn they worried about the same things as we ever do. Once again illustrating the stupidity and folly of warfare. If there is one thing this show achieves is to hold a beacon up against inhuman behaviour demonstrating  we are all just people…. aren’t we?

This was a clever show. With the tenderness found in the delivery one felt one was hearing the people who wrote the verses. Hearing what was happening outside when they were writing and we saw in our mind’s eye what they were looking at as they scratched out their stanzas on whatever came to hand. The company beautifully demonstrated that  even in the darkest hours,  Art is still present, sharper and even more essential.

Miriam Edwards, Jill Dowes and Zachary Price are all to be commended for their deliveries. No irony, no cry for help no words were missed in this montage of voices and verses from our darker and crazier side.

This is a show that for the sake of humanity and for the sake of all our futures should be sen by all and then maybe, just maybe, those who write about the effects, the stupidity, the insanity of war could triumph over those who  are happier taking the more demonstrative side of an argument. After all the latter have had it their way for far too long now….surely?

This is a three star review

Owen J Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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