Not Just A Flash In the Pan, Be Upstanding for the Queen


A Tribute to Queen

Theatre Severn (Live Stream)

15th  August 2020

Firstly I have to say, it is a delight to be talking to you again. I hope you came through it all and you can't wait to get back to normal, be it new normal or old normal. It truly is a warming feeling to have something to tell you about….

Tonight Flash appeared live at Theatre Severn. It was a tribute described by the BBC as close to the real thing… Were they? Well frankly, yes they were. Their musicianship was superb the harmonies beautifully captured the sound, even the spirit of Freddie showed his face tonight through the voice of the frontman. I think its important to point out that this premier tribute band are homespun and based here in the County town. How cool, they are great! More later but first.

The work of Wild Edric Media, who brought the concert to our front rooms did a job of work as good as anybody else in the world could have done. The camera work was wonderful as there was more than one camera, that of course means live mixing, before it can go out as a finished piece.The stream we watched at home was so professionally done: Wonderful They were incredible as was the lighting. With synchronised chases and the strong use of red and blue gels the lighting team helped create the atmosphere needed for a pop concert to thrive. So the synergie between departments, lighting, sound and camera was astonishing. The camera work did the lads proud and the whole thing came together beautifully. One technical suggestion that one might suggest is perhaps, the addition of applause to keep that high energy up. With the lack of crowd reaction one realises just how much people add to the general well-being of a gig. They play a big part.

One isn’t suggesting a crowd wildtrack throughout but possible applause that might go out to the homes to underline each song; maybe something for the future? The show was none the worse for it as the real interesting  stuff was the magic the boys were conjuring on the stage. With those raw Brian May guitar licks, Solid Deacon Bass and an octopus for a drummer. This is what tribute bands should be like. Although he played the 'part' of Freddie it was just a part and it was fun.

The musicianship was utterly impeccable with not a note fluffed or missed and Bryan May is a tough man to follow but follow him they did and this band shone like a beacon amongst other tributes. The vocal was surprisingly good, in fact very good with many notes as the BBC have pointed out, as close as you can get. One is inclined to agree they really are strong and lively. One wondered if the Singer might be expending too much energy to even get through the number let alone the gig but no thank heavens, just when you thought the tank must be empty our Freddie found a secret source and continued to put himself through his gruelling regime to bring us his best possible talents. Shine they did.

One is delighted to only discover after the gig that they were Shrewsbury. Not owning up to any bias  where Shrewsbury Bands are involved. one always hope the best for them. I had no such bias here and watch them for the international name they will be, if they are not already so.

Well done Theatre Severn, well done Wild Edric Media and extra special well done to the lads who smashed it.

A true sign of a professional is they give their best whether there’s one in the audience or whether there's a million. That is what this band did tonight and for that I have no choice but to gladly award the stars below.

This is a Five Star Review

Owen J.Lewis




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