Let's Twist Again...What A Good Idea!

Let’s Twist Again

Theatre Severn

26th February 2016

If ever you wanted a reminder of what was going on in British Pop Music in the fifties and sixties see this show , it really does have to be the definitive fifties and sixties tribute show. You won’t get much better.

The question that poses itself is, why was this show so much better than so many tribute or cover bands?  It’s a fair question that only really has one answer; they are really, really good at what they do.

Set in a generic kind of American Diner one has no inkling of what will unfold. Then comes a compere with material supplied by the Jolly Green Giant. Well his jokes were corny enough to have come from him. But it didn’t matte,r not only was this compere adept at his role of building the bridge from audience to stage but he was only an absolutely wonderful backing singer to boot.

In fact the music and vocals were amazing as were the backing vocals. So many sixties songs were built up layer on layer. This show has the resources to build those levels and the result is an incredible sound.

The band The Twisters were tight, whether that was evidence of countless gigs together or testament to their skills they were top drawer. This is high energy music and it calls for high energy in the musicianship. This was comfortably achieved in spades. Dave Price was a stunning lead guitarist and I am certain that that man will be busy for as long as he wishes to be.

Then the show paid homage to so many of the musicians and singers of that time. The vocalists in turn sang the hits of Lulu, Cilla, Dusty, Beatles, Buddy Holly, Connie Francis and many, many more. The sense of fun and comraderie amongst the cast was infectious and the audience lapped it up and loved it.

There wasn’t a weak song. Suzi Madin and Danny Fisher  shone like diamonds in the not at all rough. But a big future  awaits both of them.

Likewise X-factor finalist, Gary Priestley, gave such a brilliant rendition of Carousel’s , You’ll Never Walk alone. The Shrewsbury audience were delighted to show they knew the words too. Suddenly  everyone was on their feet singing and flashing all manner of lighting devices as one is supposed to do at concerts. It was quite emotional as it became more of a shared experience than a performance.

How did this company find so many brilliant performers, all up for taking the show on the road?  It must have been divine intervention and when they were taking the curtain call the cheers were deafening. So demonstrative! But it was how every one felt.

Maybe the encore was slightly too long but one does understand the reason. Chris Madin who is the man behind the music and a great performer too , had been seriously ill and had to have stomach surgery yet he was there in the encore and his performance just like everyone else’s, was flawless.

This show is great entertainment, it has no axe to grind, no hidden agenda, it does what it says on the tin and leaves one with a sense of being thoroughly entertained.

This is a four star review.



Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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