How do you like your entertainment.......Medium?

Tony Stockwell

Psychic Medium

Walker Theatre

9th May 2015

If you believe or even if you don’t, a show with a medium  is always going to be an interesting if not slightly contentious night of entertainment.

Tony Stockwell with a list of credits as long as your arm, was on stage in the Walker Theatre chatting as he told us,  with people on the other side!

It was a most unusual evening, firstly the audience demography comprised mostly (almost 90%) of females. There were a few men but they didn’t really jump at the chance to be dragged rather awkwardly through a load of facts that might or might not be relevant to their lives. That’s how the show works.

With nothing but his wits and friends from the other place, Tony trawled through a whole gamut of conditions, names and relations until somebody could identify with all or some of what he was saying.

As people responding to his messages were shown on a huge video screen one could see some recipients straining their own imaginations to make the messages relevant and fit to their immediate condition. They wanted it to be relevant they wanted to believe.

Stockwell seemed a thoroughly decent guy. He was charming, good looking and witty. Women were loving him and desperately wanting him to speak to them. His relaxed manner and approachable style made him watchable and likeable. His show was excellently received.

However  one is aware that if you go and see a medium and are prepared to pay to see one, you don’t want him to fail. In fact you may even bend your own memories to make it all perfect.

I imagine there were a few recently bereaved slightly disappointed that there was no evidence during this evening of any connection with some form of afterlife; and like Cinderella’s sisters trying to squeeze the shoe on in that enchanting tale, many were trying to shoe horn his findings into relevance in their lives and  stories.

The show was a fascination. It was also apparent that Tony Stockwell brings a lot of comfort to a lot of people. Maybe tonight the spirits felt like a night in front of the telly as they didn’t seem to be beating a path to the Walker Theatre to talk to us. Consequently, it wasn’t overly convincing as his observations and comments were so clear of the mark almost every time.

There was certain accuracy with a lady from York and one could be impressed. But the overall vagueness of his messages  and the generic nature of the back stories he was floating out there, detracted from his hits and his misses were sadly the victor.

It would take a braver and stronger man than I to say that this art form doesn’t work. I don’t claim to know enough to denounce it. But I would say that tonight , from the evidence that we were presented with that  there was nothing to give us any hope that  there is a jolly afterlife for us, instead one is still tempted to feel the ones we love and miss might just be gone…end of.

This is a three star review.

Owen Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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