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Terrible Tudors

Theatre Severn

Wednesday 10th April-Sunday 14th

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As explained in the last review (Awful Egyptians) Horrible Histories have two shows playing. Today it was, The Terrible Tudors. Luckily the only terrible thing about this show is the name and that’s not really terrible at all; As anticipated it is my delight to inform you right away that this show is as much fun as the Egyptians.

This time the show is framed as a group of medieval players wandering into town with their tales of the Tudors. So they ran through the whole story starting from the death of Richard The Third all the way to the death of Queen Elizabeth the First.

 Imagine telling a theatre load of Children to sit very still whilst you explain the Tudor Monarchs. They would be screaming with boredom almost instantly, as would many adults. But the clever way of teaching facts wrapped up as fun has the children cornered they have to learn, and more to boot they thoroughly enjoy it.

As did the adults, maybe a little quieter than the rest of the audience we were learning too. The only difference being we tended to shout out to the stage when we had too. But I maintain we tried our best to maintain an urbane enjoyment of the show…fat chance, we were all kids again and there’s nothing wrong with that.

With three players playing the whole host of historical figures, it was a delight to see the team was the same as yesterday’s review. Comprising Simon Nock, Izaak Cainer and Lisa Allen they are such a talented bunch. One feels that if anything went wrong which it doesn’t, but if it did it would be fair to say this trio would be in the ideal place to fix things. They would too. There is a confidence that exudes from the cast, they know their lines, they know their cues and more so than anything else they knew how to put across a joke so that it is funny. That’s a great skill, try it.

Historically accurate and hysterically funny this show offers great entertainment, a lot of laughs and a ton of learning. Gone are the days of Chalk and Talk some didactic old man blahing away at the front of the class as you snoozed. No such thing here; the FPM count (facts per minute) is thick and fast but the balance is beautifully crafted to offer LPM (laughs per minute) and yet with songs, and gags and audience participation the children learned more in the two hours of the show than most learn in five years in school. Brilliant.

But it isn’t all about education, it is about fun. The script is very witty and in some places just laugh out loud funny. The show is pacey and beautiful balanced not forgetting they are educators, they present the show in such an appealing way that you can’t help but to go with it.

Again as yesterday in the second half we are treated to the joys of Three D theatre as Bogglevision makes its appearance and again rocks, spiders and fireworks come flying into to audience virtually, accompanied by what sounded like the screams of a million children. Sure there wasn’t that many but it felt like it. And so it should. I think educators, schemes of work devisers and curriculum engineers need to watch these guys work and understand how much of it is transferable right in to their schools. Results would skyrocket!

One has thoroughly enjoyed the experience of seeing these two shows. They are funny and brilliantly performed. Just as yesterday it is not difficult giving this show the award I will.

This is a Five Star Review

Owen J.Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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