Gypsy Jazz Makes Camp in The Music Scene.

Robin Nolan Trio
Walker Theatre


A hoard of Gypsy Jazz fans hurried into the Walker Theatre last night to catch some of the hottest Gypsy Jazz in town. The Robin Nolan Trio were about capture new fans and to further secure the ones they had already collected along the way.

With Just a black box stage and three chairs the lads came in and with no talk and no lengthy introductions. We were even spared the usual am I in Shrewsbury or Shrowsbury. (sic) (All artists tend to do that thinking they are being original, they’re not and it’s a bore.) The lads started to play.

Suddenly they were capturing us all. With just a rhythm guitar and double bass and Nolan’s guitar, they were floating delicious notes like sparks rising and dancing from the Gypsy camp fire.
Jazz is or can be an acquired taste and some modern Jazz is unbearable as they dance around the theme to such an extent, they lose you. Gypsy Jazz, whilst also wandering around the theme,  it is much clearer what it is they are doing and this is how it keeps an entire auditorium ensnared in its magic.

I have never seen a man able to make a guitar actually speak, in fact I never knew that there could be so many notes in one guitar. But just where you thought there couldn’t be any space for another note Nolan was able to squeeze another three in. That is what marks this music out as exciting and enchanting. This is great fun music with no axe to grind, no political message and no underlying text that one has to search for in other mediums of music. No this is a sound that hits you and instantly makes you smile. I never thought of Soft Cell’s Tainted Love as a Jazz classic until now.

And what reviewer can overlook the amazing contribution Shrewsbury’s own Chris Quinn made to the overall sound? With a rock solid rhythm Chris showed just what an amazing guitar player he is. I was proud to know him and proud he lives in our town.

It really was a truly entertaining evening and Gypsy Jazz I feel will reach its way into the psyche of the British Music scene and we will be all the better for it.

This is  four star review.

Owen Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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