A Good Dose of The Blues Cheers Everybody Up!

The Blues Band

Theatre Severn

1st March 2018

If one was to ever talk about a band that is at the very top of their game and have been since 1979, you would be struggling to come up many names. One name you could come up with however and without doubt you would be right, would be The Blues Band.

With the stunning vocals from not just Paul Jones but from Gary Fletcher, Dave Kelly and Tom Mc.Guiness, The Blues Band is as relevant now as ever and truly still right at the top of their game.

Jones has been a household name since his early days as the front to Manfred Mann, as has Tom Mc. Guiness: the years of experience just oozed through every pore of this performance. Maybe the Blues was created in times of cruel depravation, hunger, exploitation and slavery but it doesn’t half cheer you up.

One can't help but feel that there must be a Dorian Gray style painting of Paul Jones in  his attic as each time one see's him he looks even younger than ever before? I imagine the picture looks quite the opposite!

Maybe musicologists of today who have lost their way in definitions should look again at what they claim R&B really is. It’s got nothing to do with Beyonce’s dulcet finest or Kanye West finger waving dreadfulness. It never has been to do with them. R&B is the story of human emotion, true feelings delivered in pearls of musical notes. The Blues Band are a top example of this genre and maybe those that make these categories need to look again at what’s what.

But enough of labels we could just focus on the absolute craftsmanship that came from the stage tonight.  Kelly’s wonderful slide guitars cross pollenating with Mc.Guiness’ rhythm and Fletcher's solid bassline was not only a treat but a lesson in musical sensitivity and understanding. These guys are amazing. As for Mr.Jone’s Harmonica, it was fabulous. That would have cheered them up in trenches, one thought: He made it speak. Amazing.

There was a fierce cohesion between the members,  since 1979 they must have done a thousand or more shows but when a show leaves you feeling like they played every note so fresh and new, and more importantly just for you alone: and if a band can make you feel they have been rehearsing and rehearsing waiting for that one moment when you are there to appreciate it, you know you have been to a good gig.

This was a winning show. As for the weather, given that it is snowing like the clappers, it did little to deter die-hard fans. One believes they would  have pogo’d over a volcanic craters just to be there. Paul Jones came on stage and asked for houselights just to see how many had ventured out to see them. There was a good crowd although not a full one. However true pro’s will always give a show their best. Tonight that is exactly what this bunch of true Pro’s managed to do.

This is a Five Star Review.

Owen J.Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

Owen Lewis was born fifty something years ago in the land of the black puddings. For the geographically challenged that is in Lancashire. Moving to Shropshire From 1970 Owen was brought up in Church Stretton. His first real job was in radio. After starting on BBC Radio Shropshire he became known on Marcher Sound, broadcasting throughout the North West for several years. After a university degree course in Theatre, Owen became an actor and went on to play "Pirate Bill" in The Alton Towers Hotel. He also made several television appearances. Returning to university he took his PGCE enabling him to teach. That saw him on the Essex coast as a drama teacher and latterly as a Creative Educational Liaison Officer making films and creating new teaching methods to employ on children in need of more help in their fundamental learning skills. Three times Published playwright Owen ultimately wants a house boat in Amsterdam to focus on his work as Playwright and Poet. See more on www.ojlwritingservices.co.uk.

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