Delinquent Grandma Leads Grandson Astray!

Gangsta Granny

Theatre Severn

Wednesday 12th-  Sunday 16th October

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It would be difficult to say, if you lived in the noughties that you never saw, “Little Britain.” It was omnipotent during those years and the faces of Matt Lucas and David Walliams shone from billboards, magazines and papers.

During that time Walliams also started to write. He wrote and he wrote; he wrote in fact, until he became one of the leading writers of Children’s books in the whole of Europe. Translated in 41 languages, “Gangsta Granny,” is a tour de force and possibly one his best books to date.

It was no wonder then that the theatre tonight bulged with children. It was a delight to see the future generations of theatre goers enjoying the scene and going along with the magic.

Magic is certainly what this show is; It is a panoply of colour, humour, message and magic. The set designer Jacqueline Trousdale added to this with her beautifully designed, incredibly intriguing and utterly magic set. On the surface it looks like three revolving box walls, however in there were drawers, windows, ladders and so many other breathtakingly ingenious designs. All scenery was moved with inventive dances from other cast members. This in itself was hilarious.

Likewise the costumes are so inventive and at the same time so funny. Although Trousdale was behind that too she was ably assisted by Amy Compton and Millie Else. Great work from all of them.

Gangsta Granny tells a story of young Ben who used to think Granny was the most boring person in the world. That was until he discovers that she was an international jewel thief and in fact had quite a tale to tell. Together they then come up with the perfect heist. They intend to steal the Crown Jewels.

Naturally the narrative really explores expectations and aging. It dispels prejudice and goes a long way to point out the fact that old people can be just as exciting and just as daring as youngsters. On a deeper level the show’s message is that we are all alive and we all have a story to tell. Prejudice is no way forward and if you take the time to get to know someone well, they will always surprise you as they break every rule, every convention and every expectation. Rather like the work of Roal Dhal there are messages to be learned and for us all to take away ..

This is a big show, it is a lavish show and it is a show that you should catch. It is technically brilliant and wonderfully presented. Every player has a purpose and every  player has earned their place on the stage. This is a highly skilful cast and they are all given the opportunity to show what they can do and move the show on at the same time. It is always a joy to see that no movement, no gesture in fact nothing, is on the stage by accident. This is a clever show.

Capturing the zeitgeist,The Birmingham Stage Company's “Gangsta Granny,”  is a show for today . It is for a modern audience and uses modern language and references. The moral however is as old as the hills yet still it is obvious out and about, that not everyone has yet learned it. Good job the show is here all week.  Treat yourself and have a laugh with the amazing , “Gangsta Granny.”

This is a Five Star Review

Owen J Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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