The Circus Comes To Town

Circus Vegas
The Quarry Park
17th -21st October

I love nothing more than losing myself in an exciting circus. I know the risks they take are calculated but when the risks are so blatantly obvious it is quite a thrill to get sucked into the action. That is what Circus Vegas did for me tonight.

Maybe one could argue that circus had its peak back in the days of Billy Smart and Chipperfield’s circus. There were the television shows and very full big tops, famous clowns and a guaranteed Christmas slot. Could circus get any more successful? Then of course, and rightly so animal welfare came much into the public forum and the lycra clad llamas and the sequined seals, the energetic elephants and the roaring lions all hung up their outfits and went somewhere; come to think of it where did they all go?

After that, circus seemed to float a little lost and busily rewriting the guidelines for a modern day phenomenon. It has now come through the wilderness as the audience discovered at Circus Vegas in The Quarry tonight.

It is a slow burner of a show, and whilst the illusions and acrobatics, the contortionism and the clowning were all great in the first half the second half was breathtaking. For fear of giving away the surprises which would be highly un-circus-y of me, it will suffice to say that the second half is major league thrills. One would defy any audience member to stand and say they weren’t impressed.

The razz is back in the razzamatazz and Circus Vegas have taken great care to make sure it stays there. I could leak the plot a little and tell you it warms up with a strong man supporting the weight of a three ton vehicle driving over him and gets even more adventurous. I could say that but I won’t. Go and find out.

Circus Vegas is with us in the town until Sunday and this critic strongly advises you to have a look. Lose yourself in the adventure and ask yourself in amazement how on Earth did that just happen? This is the most daring circus I have seen and it is a delight to know the art form is as alive and as relevant today as any other time and the British entertainment scene would be a dull place if we lost them.

Viva Las Vegas... as the King once said.

This is a four star review.


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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