Breaking Bad without the Breaking!

One Man Breaking Bad

Theatre Severn


An impressive sized audience awaited for Miles Allen to take the to the stage to cook up his one man parody to one of the greatest  TV shows to come out of America, “Breaking Bad.”

A lot were there to answer their own curiosity as to how one man can do all sixty episodes, alone in little over an hour. The answer became clear very quickly, you can’t!

They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery, if you have ever wrestled with the paradoxical points of that argument this would just add to your worry. If this was flattery I hate to think what he might have done had he wanted to insult the show.

One point that has to be made, where Mr. Allen comes from laughing at a guy with cerebal palsy might be okay,however this is unacceptable on any stage in Britain and as a population we also stopped laughing at jokes questioning people's racial ethnicity about three decades ago!

Stringing together a montage of quotes from the show punctuacted with over the top unconvincing imitations, Audience members would be forgiven for suspecting that perhaps this show was strung together late one night in a bar after Mr.  Allen’s friends had suggested that hysterical impersonation was the way ahead for his career.

If “Breaking bad,” had been a terrible TV show and had been annoying people for a very long time then to parody it might be funny. We as the public, would be ready to release our frustration at its awfulness by laughing at it. The joke falls flat when the programme cleaned up just about every award going and was simply brilliant from every angle.

It’s like a mouse laughing at an elephant for being little. He shouldn’t do it.

Mr. Allen has great energy and a remarkable memory and a great sense of fun, his talent is not really in question,  but is it good comedy? Is it good parody? Some of the audience thought so and they did laugh at the places where one imagines they were supposed to.

The show has made it big on the festival scene, Edinburgh and so on, but people are in a different mood at a festival and acts that have succeeded on the fringe might not make it on the Theatre circuit. Admittedly its ticks a lot of boxes for being a parody but rather like tribute bands one sometimes has the urge to jump up and shout out; “why don’t you have your own ideas?”

Theatre Severn main stage has had some incredibly impressive people tread its boards, tonight sadly  that was not really the case.

This is a two star review.


Owen Lewis 


Sofia Lewis Sofia Lewis
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