Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts And Other Anecdotes!

Horrible Histories/ Groovy Greeks

Theatre Severn

3-6 February 2016


When the combined age of the full theatre adds up to no more than fifty, you realise that you are watching one of the most popular shows for children today. Yes Horrible Histories has leapt from the little screen to live theatre and is both educating and entertaining.

Anyone who was a parent through the Nineties or Noughties will not have been able to avoid these incredibly addictive and highly amusing shows. What a brief after all, educate our children with what  is traditionally, some of the most arid stuff that children have to learn. However present it in such a way that it is both snappy and factually packed.

On until Saturday, this show is a treat and a delight for all the children that will be lucky enough to see it. Packed with historically accurate fact about the Greeks and their civilisation, The songs and sketches are hilarious and the cast is so superbly rehearsed.

The first half whilst moving slower than the second stuck to the formula of facts and jokes and interactions. Maybe a decade ago it might have been enough. But now in the 21st century, 21st century technology is at theatre practitioner’s finger tips and the second half makes full use of this wonderful new meduim.

During the interval one was issued with 3D glasses. They worked amazingly and when the spears started flying along with the arrows and the bats, one was caught in a frenzy of ducking and dodging as the 3D. backdrop proved to be quite the most brilliant thing used in a show ever. Stunning affects used with intelligence and skill make this show something every child should see. Initially one is pleased with the back projection work but when the 3D starts it is quite awesome.

This is a two part review with the second part coming on Friday after I have seen the ,”Incredible invaders,” Another show in the HH series.

However….So far so good.  I probably learned more in that 80 minute show  than I learned during my many years, as a schoolboy  at The Priory Boys Grammar School. My how things have changed!

If you have children and they are screaming out to do something this weekend I strongly recommend you go and lose yourself for a while in the land of our ancestors.


This is a four star review

Owen J.Lewis


Owen Lewis Owen Lewis

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