Are you 'Aving A Larf?

Shrewsbury Comedy Festival

Gala Show

Theatre Severn

Sunday 22nd July2018

For a good few years now Shrewsbury has been running a comedy festival. A wonderful idea that  has delighted pub goers all over town. So many different venues have opened the doors to mirth and merriment and it is something that is most definitely welcomed. Hey no wonder right? As the world starts to look a little less secure than it has been for the last half century people need a laugh. Shrewsbury people are just the same as everywhere else, as the heaving theatre was testament to tonight.

So skilfully held together by TV comedian Russel Kane as compere, the night ran into the warm summer evening and people lapped it up. Russell is the master of observation and his off the cuff remarks are hilarious. The audience loved him. He has been in Shrewsbury before and he was brilliant then. One feels sorry for Mark and Kim on the ever so dangerous front row. Dangerous because if you sit there you are giving the comedian Carte Blanche to completely rip you apart. Mark and Kim could take it and the audience loved it.

Nish Kumar was funny, a self-deprecating and sharp eyed comedian. Again, proving his ability with wit and impro, akin to a wielded rapier he was sharp and to the point.  A real highlight.

Is homosexuality still funny? Well no not really I hear you say, then it might be a good idea to tell comedians that boat sailed in 1972.  Along with racism, laughing at others sexuality is wrong, surely? Even if it is about oneself there will be others who don’t buy into the comic value and may even feel a little ridiculed and spurned! Then along came Robert White and his gay references. One thought one had fallen into the set of,  "Are You Being served."

Carl Donnelly delighted the audience. His act was based on being a London-Irish man brought up by Irish Parents. His observations and his wit were fabulous. He is a very, very funny guy. Some people really go straight for you funny bone this is one guy who can do it.

This festival is essential. It is brilliant for tourism, great for a laugh and most of all great fun. Long may it go on expanding and exploring and bringing to us Salopians the best and funniest people around. Offering top award winning comedians in various venues around the town is a stroke of genius. So good for Shrewsbury. There are only so many people can fit in Theatre Severn and  given the popularity of this amazing festival, tickets sell out fast. No wonder: it is an international comedy festival and will bring people in.

July is now a month to be remembered and looked forward to as this festival will grow and grow. One hopes that the equation they have now offering comedy all over town and coming to say good night to us all in Theatre Severn is a great idea. One imagines that the absolutely chocca house tonight will be counting the days until next year, excellent!

This is a Four Star Review

Owen J Lewis



Sofia Lewis Sofia Lewis
For many years Sofia wrote here under her male name Owen J. Lewis. She is now mostly writing under her own name of Sofia Lewis. Sofia, who worked on independent radio for over ten years, lives in Shrewsbury and writes plays. She has over 15 titles published and her plays are performed all over the world. She is especially popular in America. Her poetry is also often noted and she writes reams of it most weeks. Since graduating in theatre in 1997 Sofia has been an Actor, Filmmaker, and a Secondary School Teacher. Reviewing theatre is something she thoroughly enjoys and she loves to see great theatre. As a musician Sofia is known throughout the UK she is a folk singer, and is often seen or heard around her native county singing and having fun. Sofia has contributed to for over a decade and enjoys sharing her views on theatre. Sofia has one daughter and grew up in Church Stretton.

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