Young Britain in Telford

Businesses from across the county are today being urged to help change lives by backing local young entrepreneurs of the future and sponsoring the Telford-based Young Britain youth entrepreneurship programme.
One year on from the launch of Young Britain in Telford by Lord Young, the enterprise advisor to Prime Minister David Cameron, the search is on for spirited and successful business people to buy into the Young Britain Investment Bond scheme.
They will be joining Graham and Jenny Wynn from the TTC Group, whose seed corn funding launched this campaign and provided the funding to attract European Regional Development Fund finance, and Stuart Shepherd, whose global company APT Solutions created the Young Britain web presence.
To demonstrate the effectiveness of the Young Britain campaign thus far, fifty fledgling entrepreneurs who have benefited from Young Britain membership will be showcasing their new start ups at the Enterprise Rocks! business festival to be staged in Telford on July 20th.
This business extravaganza features live music from talented up and coming young musicians, exhibition and sales stands for artists, manufacturers and designers as well as a ‘popup’ diner and Masterclass sessions for start ups
Leading company owners across the county are being urged to support both the Enterprise Rocks! event and the development of many more local young business people by becoming Young Britain Champions and investing in the Community Interest bond scheme.
Fay Easton, Start Up Britain local champion and co-founder of Young Britain, said: “Shareholder investment into Young Britain will be tax-deductible and also provide powerful advertising gains for the investing company as well as the opportunity to join this new network of successful business owners.
“Young Britain Champions will form a revolutionary new movement bringing entrepreneurship into thousands of young lives and replacing the hopelessness of rocketing youth unemployment that is blighting today’s 18-25 generation.”
“The Young Britain programme has been created to tackle these appalling youth unemployment figures and we are determined to change the statistic that four out of 10 young people may not work for a decade, to four out of 10 young people are successfully running their own businesses.
“We support young people with developing ideas, locating markets for those ideas, finding finance and workspace and securing mentors; this package of support opens up the world of successful self-employment to a young person and it’s truly life-changing.”
Fay has worked with local advisors to design the Single Investment Bonds, which are priced at £500 to support a young entrepreneur for a whole year; there is also an immediate sponsorship opportunity for a local company to become the headline sponsor of Enterprise Rocks!  This markets and music festival has been described by Young Britain as “set to become the Glasto of the business world”.
Fay describes the forthcoming entrepreneurial extravaganza as a £30,000 event that will become an annual fixture in the region’s business calendar, attracting visitors and talent spotters from local areas as well as further afield including Europe and the Middle East.
Fay said: “The Young Britain Investment Bond and Sponsorship provides great opportunities for business owners who might be keen to help stem the rocketing levels of youth unemployment whilst at the same time, retaining talented young people in our region, making contact with a‘hidden’ highly skilled freelance workforce and being part of a productive and philanthropic network of like minded entrepreneurs.
“We see our Investment Bond holders and sponsors as key mentors for our young people, imparting their life and commercial wisdom to wannabe entrepreneurs and building a business community in which companies invest in our ‘joint’ future as well as sharing vital expertise to improve the economic fortunes for all.”


Michael Michael

Severn Magazine and Love Shrewsbury Editor.

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