Top stylist Philip steps in to make sure soap stars look their best

A top Shrewsbury hair stylist more used to working with shampoo than soap landed a dream job when he was asked to help at a glittering showbiz awards night.
Philip Minton, who runs K2 The Salon in Shrewsbury’s Darwin Centre along with his daughter Jo, was called up to style the hair of some of the UK’s top TV stars before they took to the red carpet for the British Soap Awards.
Philip, who admits he doesn’t watch any TV soaps, says he’d never heard of the stars whose hair he styled.
He said: “I was asked to attend the Hilton Hotel in Manchester to help out styling the hair of several of cast members from TV soaps. I was asked to assist by Tony Cripps, of ID Hair Products, who part sponsored the event.
“There was quite a team of us and, in total, I think we styled the hair of 35 or more cast members from various shows.”
He added: “I was assigned Emmerdale and Holly Oaks and among others I understand I styled the hair of Gaynor Faye, who plays feisty Megan Macey and Samantha Giles, who plays one-time Woolpack barmaid, Bernice Thomas.
“They were lovely people to work with and really down to earth, no trouble at all. It was actually nice to see that they are perfectly ordinary people with absolutely no edge to them.”
But Philip admits he couldn’t be too radical when it came to styling the hair of the TV stars he worked with.
He said: “It’s quite pressured as you have to remember that they are walking out on a red carpet a few hours later so you have to get it right.
“You have to listen to them as clients and what they want, taking into account the gowns or outfits they are planning on wearing. I did suggest a few changes for some of them and had the opportunity to put my ideas into practice.
“We had a lot of favourable comments on the day and hopefully, I will get further opportunities such as this in the future. It was certainly an enjoyable experience.
“I took Bethany Hughes along, who works as a Saturday girl in K2 The Salon in Shrewsbury.
“Beth is a fantastic girl who works really hard and shows a lot of initiative. I think it was a fabulous experience for her, as a teenage girl, assisting me style the hair of TV stars.”
Bethany, 15, a pupil of Corbet School and Technology and Language College at Baschurch, says it was an exciting event and she was thrilled Philip asked her to assist.
She said: “I was really made up and it made me think about another side of hairdressing as a profession. I helped Philip out and learned a great deal. The soap stars were brilliant and really friendly and the Hilton Hotel was certainly very posh, a different world really.
“It was amazing seeing so many famous people. I watch Holly Oaks so knew all the cast members I saw quite a few Emmerdale cast members I knew too and Philip styled the hair of a few of them.”
She added: “I know many of my friends are envious of me and in truth you don’t get opportunities such as that every day. I really enjoy working at K2 and I’m grateful to Philip for asking me to help at the British Soap Awards.”
Kevin Lockwood, Manager of the Darwin, Pride Hill and Riverside Shopping Centres, said: “It shows how highly regarded Philip is that he was asked to style the hair of some of the biggest names in British TV.
“He’s been in business a long time but he and his salon are still at the cutting edge of hair styling and it is fantastic that we have a service of that quality available here in the Darwin Centre.”


Michael Michael

Severn Magazine and Love Shrewsbury Editor.

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