One Large Client Poses Risk Consultant Urges


A local business consultant is warning companies across the region of the potential danger when focusing the majority of time and energy on one big client.

Telford and Shrewsbury-based Horizons Consultants is urging companies to be aware of the possible implications of relying on one specific client, as well as advising the on the value of having the right systems in place to avoid the repercussions if that client was to leave.

Alan Adams, Founder and Director of Horizons Consultants, said: “Many businesses worry about the repercussions if one of its larger clients chose to stop using its services or products, with the impact it could have on cash flow and staff morale, especially in the hard economic times.”

Alan highlights that businesses can benefit by keeping in regular contact with clients to gauge feedback and recommendations, using this as a platform to continue improvement services and products. In addition, he recommends using a database to capture the details of past clients, so that they can share new products, services or offers, giving them incentives to return.

“Businesses that do lose a large client should avoid dwelling and look at the whole experience positively, by using it as an opportunity to grow the company and its client diversity, as well as a chance to take on new challenges,” Alan added: “The most beneficial thing to do is to pick up the pieces and move on to the next one. Think about the reasons why they left – for example, if the client’s strategy has changed, establish what worked and what didn’t, and use that knowledge in the future.

“I’d urge anyone interested in finding out more to contact 0845 373 0046, email [email protected], or visit,” Alan concluded.


Michael Michael

Severn Magazine and Love Shrewsbury Editor.

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