Local Mum Wins National Award.

A local mum has won a national award for her new business venture, Forget-Me-Not-Bears.


Earlier this year, Alice Duncan, a young mum from Shrewsbury, created a soft toy out of her daughter’s very first babygros as an outlet for her Postnatal Depression. She has since developed her idea into a successful business by turning babies’ clothing into keepsakes in the form of handmade bunnies.


LovedByParents, a parenting website dedicated to all things loved by parents, has awarded the business a Silver Award for Best Handmade Gift Under £50. The website annually recognises the most loved products in the market, as voted for by the public.


Alice says: “This is my very first award, it’s a huge honour for such a new business venture, and I am so grateful for everyone’s support. Business has recently boomed! The demand for Forget-Me-Bears is increasing each day.”


She added “I can’t wait to launch the new website and to start making other animals in addition to the bunny which has proved to be so popular.”


Forget-Me-Not-Bears are available to order online via Facebook or by phoning 07773448934.


Michael Michael

Severn Magazine and Love Shrewsbury Editor.

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Alice is a truly wonderful person who deserves the recognition for her hard work in not only overcoming her post natal depression but using it to inspire and Create such a wonderful business venture her bunnies are gorgeous, congratulations and good luck for the future of Forget-me-not- bears Alice.

Alice made a special bunny for my daughter whilst she was in hospital recovering from open heart surgery, both me and my daughter love this bunny and it was a very beautiful gesture from Alice well done x

Aw thank you Suzy for such a lovely comment! Sorry this is a bit delayed I've only just seen this! Thank you again xxx

Thank for such a lovely comment Amanda! I'm glad to hear your little princess likes her bunny I hope she is still beating the odds :)
Sorry for late reply i have only just seen this xx