Enable - Shropshire Councils Specialist employment service for people with disabilities

Enable is a Shropshire based specialist supported employment service for people with disabilities. We’re part of Shropshire Council and provide a range of services to help people with learning disabilities and mental health problems find paid work.
Most of the people we help have complex and multiple barriers and are traditionally the furthest away from the jobs market.

Learning disability is often overlooked and misunderstood. People with learning disability have a varying range of abilities, transferable skills and experiences that are relevant to employment. Work is as fundamentally important to a person with a learning disability as it is for anyone else.

Research shows that almost 90% of people with a mental health condition, who are not in employment, want to work. On the whole, work is good for your health and unemployment is very damaging.

Part time work - even for a few hours a week, is an excellent entry into the jobs market. This is also an ideal opportunity for employers to look at expanding their workforce and supporting a person with a disability by combining a few hours and tasks from advertised vacancies to build a specific job for someone. Looking at unmet employer needs, reviewing maternity posts and the use of agency staff are all ways of creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

Helping people to find work is hugely rewarding not only for the people we support but for employers as well. Many find that the inclusion of disabled people into the workforce helps to build morale across the team and brings many benefits to the workplace.
Enable staff enjoy the variety that their role brings and that no two days are the same. Helping people to move on in their lives, become more independent, make new friends and develop in their jobs, improves self-esteem and helps people to feel part of society again.

Enable works with a wide range of supportive employers from large and small organisations. We are always looking to work with new employers who recognise the value of having a diverse workforce.               



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