Serenity Taster Night, Chocolates, Cheese & Wine

Last week, we went to the recently revamped Serenity next to Shrewsbury Castle for a wine, cheese and chocolate taster evening. I saw the event advertised on Twitter and went along not knowing what to expect. It’s the first time I’ve visited and the Serenity building is stunning, we climbed to the top of a stone staircase into a gorgeous room with vaulted ceilings where the event was being held.  There were around 25 keen tasters and we were split into 3 groups. We cycled around the tables and sampled lot’s of goodies learning about the production processes as we went.

We started with wine, the ladies from Virgin Wines explained how to taste the wines properly, they both confessed they weren’t wine experts but sold the organic wines because they loved the stuff and their excitement was infectious. We tried four whites, five reds and a rose. I’m not a great wine lover and was worried about getting a headache from trying so many (not worried enough to use the spittoon) it is a testament to the quality of the wines that I didn’t. There were plenty of leftovers too and they encouraged everyone to come back at the end of the night and fill up a glass of their favourite wine. I liked fruity Shiraz funkily named The Saturday Night Special.

Next, we moved to Mr Moydon’s cheese table.  Martin Moydon makes the artisan cheese himself and enthusiastically described the process of making each of the cheeses while we nibbled away at the generous samples. There is no worry of food miles with these cheeses, it’s produced locally with local milk and the cheeses are even named after local landmarks. I loved the Wrekin blue cheese and bought a couple to take home. It’s slightly less mature than most blue cheese so not quite as pungent but still has a strong flavour, soft creamy texture and divine salty blue veins. We’ve been enjoying this all week, on its own, with crackers and we even had some crumbled onto spaghetti last night and it’s amazing. I was happy to discover Mr Moydon cheese is available at the Battlefield farm shop so I’ll be able to get some more too.

For A Taste Of was the chocolate table, this was the table I had to refrain myself from jumping the queue to get to when we first entered the room because the chocolates on display were so very tempting. David lovingly creates these bespoke chocolates in any flavour combination you can dream up, there was even a blend of crisps and chocolate. The crunch and salt from the crisps oddly worked really well. I particularly liked the softly perfumed dark chocolates and violets which were prettily adorned with dainty flowers. Another chocolate that caught my attention were cute butterflies with essential oils, they have a low melting point and melt to a spreadable chocolate when warmed on the body. David creates personalised flavour combinations from a range of dry ingredients.

What struck me was the passion that all the demonstrators had, having the opportunity to speak with the creators of the food me feel so much more connected to it and its local roots. The taster evening was a wonderful week night treat and I’m looking forward to sampling many other delights from Shrewsbury soon.


Laura Laura

Laura and her partner Trevor recently moved to Shrewsbury and share their journey as they explore all the hidden nooks and local restaurants that Shrewsbury has to offer. Laura is a keen foodie enjoys foraging along the river and sharing her recipes and foodie finds at

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