Pop Up Chocolate Café Success

What is a pop up chocolate café?

I wasn't too sure either when I went to Serenity on Sunday but the promise of anything mildly chocolate related was enough to pique my interest. Julia Wenlock of Toot Sweets was raising money for Shropshire Carers and had taken over the Serenity restaurant with a full on chocolate feast.

Chocolate meringues, cake, brownies, cheese cake, pie and even chocolate drinks. There was every chocolate combination that you could dream up on the pop up café’s chocolate menu. The café was a great success and was packed with chocolate lovers excitedly chatting over the menu.

I went for a dark chocolate mousse which was light, fluffy and gloriously chocolatey. It was displayed in the counter next to the chocolate éclairs and at first glance I thought it was a chocolate dipping sauce. Although éclairs really do not need a dipping sauce my mind was made up and we happily dipped our éclairs into the thick chocolate mousse. A perfect Sunday.

If you missed out and need and are in need of a chocolate fix you can check out Toot Sweets in the Market hall.


Laura Laura

Laura and her partner Trevor recently moved to Shrewsbury and share their journey as they explore all the hidden nooks and local restaurants that Shrewsbury has to offer. Laura is a keen foodie enjoys foraging along the river and sharing her recipes and foodie finds at www.foodielaura.com

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