Shrewsbury yoga teacher launches brand new ‘Elevating Yoga & Energy Editing® Course’



Emma Burton, director of My Soul Space yoga studio, has launched the world’s first ever Elevating Yoga & Energy Editing® Course. Called ‘My Soul’s Purpose’, this 9-week course is designed to help people find their balance and calm amidst the stresses of today’s hectic lifestyles.


According to Emma, “Energy Editing is a powerful healing modality that creates rapid change in the energy system and combined with the Elevating Yoga practice, it removes blocks from aspects of your life which are holding you back, enabling you to live your life to the fullest potential. By doing this practice five days a week, you will be able to connect to your soul’s purpose… This course will put you back on track, through elevating yoga. Participants will find themselves able to follow their dreams and enjoy life to the full once again.”


The course runs for nine weeks, and you follow the practice in your own home. Full details available at


Emma identifies 13 keys to unlock the door to your Soul’s Purpose. These will be explored during the course, which requires participants to practice for 10 minutes, five times a week. My Soul’s Purpose encourages people to take valuable time for themselves every day, connecting with the wonderful, peaceful place we all have inside ourselves. The course is suitable for everyone, including those new to yoga.


“I help busy people easily commit to daily yoga practice so they can become their own hero,” Emma Burton.


The yoga studio is located at 2 Sweetlake Court, Mercian Road, Shrewsbury SY3 9EW.


For more information call 01743 387 087 or email [email protected]



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