Shrewsbury Clean Stream exhibition aims to reduce plastic pollution

'Clean Stream' is an exhibition about keeping plastic out of water. If it goes into our rivers and streams it ends up in the ocean, killing sealife and entering the food chain. This exhibition focuses on how we can reduce our plastic consumption; there is a map showing you where to shop plastic-free locally in Shrewsbury. It showcases the Love Your Magnificent Severn project, their plastic-bottle boat and cleaning the local rivers. There are details of monthly historic tours of Shrewsbury with litter-picking and a display of a local artist’s reuse of single-use plastic as an art medium to encourage clean streaming of waste plastic as a resource for creating a community based production of multi-use plastic products for local need. 

The Bear Steps Art Gallery 

St Alkmonds Square

Shrewsbury SY1 1UH 

10th - 23rd February 2019, 10am - 4pm


Laura Noszlopy Laura Noszlopy

Laura is a writer, editor and anthropologist, as well as a keen gardener and cook. Besides blogging for Love Shrewsbury she runs an editorial and communications consultancy.

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