Where there's muck there's brass

Shropshire businesses are proving that old adage that 'where's there's muck there's brass'. 

Utilisation of Anaerobic Digestion (AD) technology – breaking down organic waste to make a clean green supply of gas - continues to grow in Shropshire.  The technology is alread widely used here – with thousands of tonnes of treatment capacity already operational mainly processing animal manure, slurry and other farm wastes which are of course plentiful round here.  The technology is also used locally to treat human sewage and other moist organic waste streams such as energy crops, silage, vegetable outgrades and food waste.

We are blessed in Shropshire not only with ample feedstock but with the technical know how to make this green gas. For example Marches Biogas is a Ludlow-based renewable energy provider who specialise in AD.  With over 25 years anaerobic digestion industry experience and a proven track record of delivery Marches Biogas specialise in on-farm and commercial AD systems tailored to customers specification.

They design, manufacture, install and commission AD facilities and also offer training, maintenance, operational support and process research and analysis.  We are lucky to have this skills and expertise on our door step in Shropshire.  It means people come from all over the UK and abroad to Shropshire to find out more about how we lead the way towards more sustainable and cost-effective forms of waste management.  Our status as early adopters is now giving Shropshire a comparative advantage in this growing field.

It all goes to show how important recycling and sound waste management processes are to our local economy.   Far from being a hindrance, being greener with our waste is boosting business in the county.    If this waste was simply disposed of, we forgoe the opportunity not only to support local jobs and investment but to shield ourselves from volatile global markets and reduce our requirements for imports by producing more energy and more valuable materials (such as fertiliser & soil improver) right here in our backyard.  These products then feed other businesses (such as farmers who grow more food) in Shropshire. 

It all goes to show that recycling is not just good for the environment, its good business sense as well.


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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