Tyre recycling in Shropshire

Ever wondered what happens to the tyres you recycle at our local Household Recycling Centres ?

Well the good news is that since these items were banned from landfill, a wide range of innovative new recycling businesses and end markets have opened up. It’s especially beneficial for Shropshire that many of these involve land-based industries such as creating surfaces for equestrian and sports facilities but also they can play an invaluable role in sustainable urban drainage systems and flood control.   This means that by recycling your old car tyres at our facilities you are helping to support local jobs and providing raw materials to support our local economy.

All the tyres that come into our site are bulked up in Shropshire and then collected by local (Cannock-based) ISO14001 accredited company DME Tyres Ltd. Whereever practicable they salvage reusable tyres for re-moulding, but worn tyres are all recycled or used for energy - so nothing goes to waste.  To recycle them, first they need to go through industrial sized shredders which allows any metal to be separated out with magnets and sent on to local smelters for recycling.  The shredded rubber can then be utilised for a number of applications.  Mostly at DME they manufacture a chipped product which goes into civil engineering projects as a replacement for aggregate.  It can be transported more easily and is less costly and kinder to the environment as a drainage solution.

Another product they produce is also a compacted baled high calorific value green fuel which is used in cement kilns as an alternative to coal.  This benefits our local economy, reducing costs for this energy intensive business (one of their customers is the Lafarge cement works in near by Staffordshire which manufactures building materials that get used in construction projects in Shropshire). 

So next time you see a building site in Shropshire, take a look. You might just catch a glimpse of some of our old tyres coming back to life. 


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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