Tetra Pak carton recycling

Tetra pak (and other similar brands of paper based liquid food and drinks cartons) have always been seen as hard to recycle because they are made up of thin layers of paper and plastic and sometimes lined with foil too.  But it is easy to recycle them now - although we cant collect them for you, we have a network of 'bring' sites around Shrewsbury where you can take them for recycling.

Please remember: wash and squash your cartons before recycling - then simply pop them in the skips at:
• Shrewsbury Household Recycling Centre, Battlefield
• Frankwell Quay car park
• Asda on Old Potts way
• Sainsburys at Meole Brace
• The Co-op in Radbrook Green
• Minsterley Parish Hall

Whilst in the past your cartons then had to be shipped backed to Sweden for specialist recycling - the good news is that just recently Tetra Pak have announced an major investment in a UK paper mill - in Yorkshire and so now all the cartons you recycle will be staying in the UK for recycling which is a great boost for our vital manufacturing industry.  

The whole scheme is run at no cost to the taxpayer - funded by the carton manufacturers themselves.  The cartons collected from bring banks in Shrewsbury are already now going the Yorkshire recycling facility where they are soaked in water for hours and then put through a kind of super-duper liquidiser to de-laminate them. The resulting pulp can then recycled and used to make brown card for use in cardboard boxes.

For more information visit www.tetrapakrecycling.co.uk


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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