Strawberry saving recipe

Summer in the UK wouldn't be the same without strawberries, with cream or ice cream, in a cake or on their own, they are a succulent sign that summer is coming.

Strawberries are also one of the top leftover foods people say they frequently throw away because they ‘go off’ before we can use them.  Whether its because you didn't plan your meals out, went away for the weekend, didn’t get round to eating them in time or got sucked in by the Buy One Get One Free deal and ended up with too many, it’s a really common thing for most people too waste them.

To help stop strawberries ending up in the bin, its important to store them correctly.  Keep them in the packaging you bought them in because some of the modern packaging actually has state of the art technology which prolongs their life and of course refrigerate for freshness.  If you find that strawberries have gone a bit soft and past their best, don’t throw them out they can still be used up to make delicious jam.  Here is a really simple recipe from our partners at Love Food Hate Waste which is sort of more of a compote really best served fresh as a sauce over vanilla ice cream.


• 300g over ripe British strawberries
• 300g caster sugar


1. Put the soft fruit into a large pan with the caster sugar and crush lightly with a fork. Put the pan over to gently heat and bring to the boil.
2. Reduce the jam until it becomes quite thick, then pour it into a bowl and allow to cool. Refrigerate until needed.

NB - If you want a more traditional jam to set hard you need to add a few squirts of lemon juice (as this acidity helps draw pectin out the fruit). 

Hopefully with ideas like this we can help ensure that the strawberry season doesn't result in more rubbish in your bin, but also things like this can save you money too!  For more money saving hints, tips and recipe ideas visit



James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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