Shrewsbury sinks food waste

A national study has been launched in Shrewsbury with funding from the Local Government Association. The project will investigate the impact of Food Waste Disposers which are being fitted in the new David Wilson Homes development, Riverside Meadows, on the site of the old Shrewsbury Town football stadium.

Philippa Roberts from local environmental consultants Low and Behold who are managing the project explained, “Waste water treatment works like the one in Shrewsbury use Anaerobic Digestion to process their sewage. This same technology can be used to process food waste; producing renewable energy in the process.”

The Food Waste Disposers supplied by Insinkerator UK are electrically powered units which are plumbed into kitchen sinks.  They grind food waste into tiny particles which can then simply wash down the sink.  This will enable the residents to send their food waste for anaerobic digestion without the need for it to be collected.  As well as making it hygenic and easy for the residents to cut down on what goes in their bins, this project will also help to produce renewable energy, reduce waste to landfill and thus potentially make huge financial sense.

The Council spends millions of pounds of taxpayers money collecting and disposing of waste each year and with around one-fifth of all domestic waste being food waste it makes sense to look at all available options to tackle this.  In particular in flats, waste storage and collection can be difficult and some dont have access to a garden for home composting so food waste will generally go in the bin and end up going to landfill.  This project is providing alternative means of managing this food waste which can be more sustainable, more cost-effective and simpler for the residents.


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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