Shrewsbury school invests in composting machinery

Local private sector Shrewsbury school are demonstrating that being green with your waste can save companies money as well as protect the environment. 

With a reputation for sporting excellence, their one hundred acre site boasts nine full-size grass pitches.  As you can imagine with daily maintenance they produce literally hundreds of tonnes of grass clippings & general green waste each year.

To help manage this waste more cost-effectively they have invested in a Seko Green Series Samurai 5 from local firm Harry West which can shred and mix all their compostable materials.  Previously it all had to be taken by tractor and trailer to local composting sites as a waste material which resulted in significant costs in terms of transport and gate fees.  The machine has also resulted in huge savings of staff time as well as creating a fabulous product to use on their flower beds or put back to good use for top dressing their sports pitches!  They are even thinking about bagging it up and selling it to local people.

All in all, the school reckons it’s now saving them about £25,000 each year compared to when they used to remove all the waste from site. The fact that it will also save on the cost of buying in compost and topdressing is another major advantage.  The purchase of the new machine will have paid back the initial investment in less than a year.   It just goes to show that for smart businesses - recycling your waste doesn’t have to cost the earth.  


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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