Shrewsbury composting site goes for energy self-sufficiency

Shropshire farming and composting business Agripost Ltd. (who process all your garden waste) are making sustainability a top priority on their mixed farming unit in Cardeston near Shrewsbury.  The farm already acts as the central hub for the Councils garden waste collection and processes up to 15,000 tonnes of green waste every year helping to reduce landfill and make a high quality compost to spread on their land. 

Now the growing local business has erected a 50kW wind turbine on site to add to the existing biomass boiler and 200kW solar (PV) array mounted on the roofs of their poultry units.

Farmer & Managing Director, Mark Gethin said “The overall power needs of the poultry unit is some 300,000kw per annum. The solar panels provide approximately half of this, depending on the amount of daylight, sunshine and season. The proposed wind turbine will generate between 144,000 to 170,000 kw per year and in particular will generate electricity in winter and at night when the poultry units are net users of non PV energy.  The size of the wind turbine was chosen deliberately to generate the shortfall in renewable energy and for the first time will mean we are effectively self sufficient in power as a farm business” 

“We are aiming to become carbon neutral on the farm and the turbine investment is another way for us to generate our own electricity, complementing the solar panels perfectly.  We are also building an in-vessel composting facility to allow us to also compost food waste along side the green waste and an anaerobic digester to process food waste, slurry and chicken litter” he added.


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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