Save your bread

Every year the average family in Shrewsbury goes through about 80 loaves of bread, spending around £125 in the process.  This is a large amount of money for many people and yet about a quarter of this just ends up in the bin!

Shocking but true, in fact just in the Shrewsbury area residents bin about 6,000 slices of bread every single day!

That's enough slices of bread that if you stacked them on top of each other they would be twice as high as Lord Hills Column!

And even apart from the environmental implications of this we should all be motivated to waste less bread because we are literally throwing away our hard earned cash.  So much so that bread is used as a slang term for money, from the cockney rhyming slang bread and honey.  Its also linked with with the expression 'earning a crust', which alludes to having enough money to pay for one's daily food.

So heres some ideas for you to save yourself some 'bread'.

Before you shop

  •     Think about the week ahead and what bakery products you are likely to need.  Plan your meals ahead - only buy what you really need - remember to write a shopping list!

When you shop

  •     If you struggle to get through a whole loaf remember most retailers now offer smaller or half loaves of bread.

Use your loaf

  •     Most bakery products have a ‘best before’ date - these dates refer to quality, so your bakery products can still be eaten after this date, but may no longer be at their best.

Befriend your freezer

  •     Bread products freeze really well, so why not just put the whole lot straight in the freezer to use at a later date or to take out slice by slice as and when you need it.

Love your leftovers

  •     Turn leftover bread into breadcrumbs and use them up for crumble toppings, stuffing, thickening sauces etc.

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James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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Or for the price of a loaf of bread, you can buy the ingredients to make many loves yourself!
It's one of the simplest things to bake. Water + Flour + Yeast.

I agree! We have been sponsoring some cooking workshops recently because I think encouraging people to make their own food will help them to value and appreciate food more so that hopefully they throw less away!