The Rubbish Diet

Following their success in the NESTA Waste Innovation Challenge some volunteers from Shrewsbury are organising a "weight watchers" style approach to get people throwing away less rubbish.

The idea is to encourage people to recycle more and waste less through peer to peer support and cascade learning.   Its based on the ideas of national waste guru Karen Cannard who runs The Rubbish Diet.  And they are now looking to recruit 100 volunteers across Shropshire who want to save money and go green by putting their bin on a diet.

The idea is to monitor what you are throwing away for six weeks, with a diary and also actually weighing your waste (scales can be provided) so you can track progress and compare with others in the group.  Full support will be provided and you have a group to exchange hints and tips with (so it really is just like weightwatchers for your bin!)

Every week they you set a challenge: Finding out what you can recycle where; Shopping with waste in mind; Reducing food waste; Home composting; Ditching the disposables; Declutter week; all building up to a big weigh off in the end with volunteers attempting to strive for a Zero Waste Week.

By signing up to the Rubbish Diet you can save yourself money and help to reduce the amount of rubbish which gets landfilled in Shropshire.  To get involved simply contact Alison Thomas via [email protected] or call 07972 858313


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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