Recycling Used Cooking Oil

Residents across the county can now recycle used cooking oil, after a successful six-month trial conducted in Shrewsbury. The scheme which is new to the county means that waste chip fat and other cooking oils can be transformed into green electricity simply by taking it to your local Household Recycling Centre (HRC).

Renewable energy provider Living Fuels has installed used cooking oil collection facilities at all HRCs across the county, in partnership with Shropshire Council and their contractor Veolia Environmental Services.

The 1,000 Litre green tanks are clearly marked and are now in place at the following sites:

  • Shrewsbury HRC (Battlefield Enterprise Park)
  • Oswestry HRC (Mile Oak Industrial Estate)
  • Bridgnorth HRC (Barnsley Lane)
  • Whitchurch HRC (Waymills Civic Park)
  • Craven Arms HRC (off Long Lane)

All cooking oil collected at the sites will be refined into a biofuel and used to create green electricity in dedicated combined heat and power generators.

Donald Macphail, MD for Veolia in Shropshire said “Just one litre of used cooking oil generates enough clean electricity to make 240 cups of tea, whilst one tonne provides enough to power the average home for an entire year. This offsets the need for fossil fuels to create electricity which reduces greenhouse gas emissions.”

For more about the used cooking oil recycling process, visit

Top tips for recycling your used cooking oil: 

1. Allow the oil to cool completely before dealing with it

2. Strain it into a container such as an plastic bottle or jar with a lid

3. Don’t mix it with anything (solvents, water etc) or it wont be recyclable

4. Once full, take your oil to a HRC (don’t make a specific trip but wait until you are visiting anyway or are in the area)

5. Ask the site attendants for directions or assistance if you need it

6. The oil should be poured into the clearly marked tanks


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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