Rapid Recycle helps Shropshire reduce waste

Working with our site management contractors Veolia – we wanted to try to encourage more re-use at the Councils Household Recycling Centres.  Whilst the vast majority of waste coming through our sites is now recycled or composted, it’s even better environmentally to re-use things where ever possible.

Getting items re-used locally also saves on haulage and helps create more local economic benefit for Shropshire.   With this in mind we were especially keen to work in partnership with a local small or medium sized enterprise based in the county.  So we are delighted that Veolia has appointed a local firm, Rapid Recycle who are based in Ryton XI Towns to be the re-use sub-contractors for all of our sites.  Targeting bric-a-brac may seem like small fry when we have to manage over 150,000 tonnes of domestic waste each year – but it actually amounts to hundreds of tonnes, which is thousands of individual items each year.

Rapid Recycle provide a member of staff at each of the centres who focuses on salvaging any items.  By literally intercepting people who are about to throw things in a skip as well as totting through piles of waste at the sites they are able to pull out good quality items and help us reduce the amount of waste which ends up being disposed of.   This then creates further business opportunities and jobs within the county when these items are sold on at auction.

And coming soon - as an exciting new innovative part of this project you will see soon to open – a new ‘Rapid Recycling Outlet’ at Battlefield Enterprise Park in Shrewsbury.  Specialising in the supply of all types of salvaged goods direct to the public.  All the goods on sale will have been salvaged from disposal.  Architectural antiques, household goods, general collectables, and gardening tools….. to name but a few.  In the mean time you can have a virtual rummage on their website to see some great bargains on offer at their auction. 


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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