No longer a tip...

Do you remember the olden days when you would take stuff to the 'tip' or the 'dump'? Well thats a thing of the past because most of our business these days is recycling.  In fact you can recycle 30 different materials at your local Household Recycling Centre on Battlefield Enterprise Park in Shrewsbury.

At this site you can do 'drive by recycling'.  From 9 to 5 every day - you simply drive in and pop your recycling through the dedicated 'portholes’ for garden waste, wood, electrical items, cardboard, scrap metal, soil, hardcore and rubble. There are also smaller containers on site for paper, glass, cans, plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays, clothes & rags, shoes, household batteries, fluorescent lighting, old books, toys, games, CD's & DVD's, plasterboard, drinks cartons, cooking oil, mobile phones, printer cartridges, and other recyclable materials. Theres a special area for items which could be repaired and re-used like furniture and white goods. Theres also separate storage for hazardous wastes like car batteries & oil.

The purpose build multi-million pound, modern, clean, attractive and controlled indoor environment, means all waste handling is undercover and out of sight in a 5,200m², 14m high building. The design takes advantage of the natural slope of the ground, incorporating a split-level design so the public & the bulking operations are kept safely apart.

We have won national awards for its architectural design including 'green' measures such as:

  • Energy-efficient lighting complemented by south-facing roof lights to maximise use of daylight.
  • Heating in the main office is provided using a ground source heat pump using over 300m of buried pipe to take advantage of the earths natural warmth.
  • 3, 870 tonnes of recycled aggregate were used for the foundations.
  • Rainwater is harvested and used for toilet flushing & wash down facilities, resulting in a further CO2 saving.
  • The facility has been designed using Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems.  We use a storm water balancing pond, interceptors, buried storm water attenuation tanks and a man made wetland area which helps wildlife.
  • The exterior was architecturally designed to present an attractive view from the neighbouring enterprise park.  Landscaping enhances ecology along the Battlefield Brook & links with surrounding developments.
  • The design incorporates tight controls on emissions to the environment, particularly odour, dust and bioparticulates. It includes automatic fast-open/close doors and provision for air extraction and filtration system.
  • The bulking-up of materials here also greatly reduces the environmental & financial cost of transporting the waste.
  • Principal design and contract management was undertaken by local firm Enviros.

The whole reason d'etre for this development was to get Shrewsbury recycling more, which helps saves money and the planet.  So next time you're having a tidy up, dont dump it, recycle it at your local Household Recycling Centre.


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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