MP launches recycling drive

Owen Patterson, MP for North Shropshire and UK Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was in Shropshire this week, to help launch our new ‘Metal Matters’ recycling campaign.

The campaign which is sponsored by the metal recycling industry body Alupro and waste firm Veolia is being run for the next two months across the whole county and is co-ordinated by Shropshire Council.  The aim is simply to remind people to recycle more metal cans, tins, foil and aerosols to help cut back on what ends up in their rubbish bin. 

This involves leaflets being delivered across the whole county and also Metal Matters branding being added to the sides Shropshire’s waste collection vehicles.  There will also be a series of  'roadshows' held across the county to help get the message out.

Jon Callaghan, General Manager for Veolia in Shropshire, said:

“We are simply urging residents to place clean food tins, drink cans, aerosol cans, aluminium foil, aluminium trays from pies and quiches, metal bottle tops and jar lids into recycling boxes, instead of putting them in the rubbish bin. Anything else made of metal can be taken to one of the council’s household recycling centres.”

So just drop your cans, aerosols, tins and foil in the recycling box - not the rubbish bin. It's as easy as that! We'll pick it up and arrange for it to be sent to UK reprocessors and within a few weeks or so your metal could be starting a new life as a steel girder, a bicycle, a fizzy drinks can or even an aeroplane - the possibilities are endless!

Did you know?

• The average family gets through 26 aerosols a year. That’s 3.5 million a year across Shropshire – lets make sure we recycle them all!
• The average family gets through 600 cans a year. That's 80,000,000 a year in Shropshire.
• Recycling a tonne of steel saves 1.5 tonnes of iron ore and reduces CO2 emissions by 75%.
• Recycling a tonne of aluminium saves 4 tonnes of bauxite and reduces CO2 emissions by 95%
• Recycling a single drinks can saves enough energy to power your computer for 3 hours!


James Thompson James Thompson

Waste Prevention Officer, Waste Management, Shropshire Council

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