Presentation on woolly monkeys

Shrewsbury town centre arts venue the Hive will be host to a one-off presentation in aid of woolly monkeys next week. Helping Monkeys Hang On will deliver a short yet in-depth presentation discussing primate conservation in the 21st century.

Lucy Millington will be leading the presentation on Wednesday April 10, which aims to present an overview of the group of mammals which are known as primates. The informative talk will offer a summary of both the mammals definition and distribution - and the audience will be treated to a few examples of primates which break the rules as well!

The talk will also outline the many threats facing the primate population and give an insight into the current state of conservation - including what primatologists in the field are currently doing and how people can help their cause. Local girl Lucy will showcase her forthcoming research project, highlighting the area, species and variety of conservation activities to be carried out.

Overall, the project is investigating the impact of deforestation on the woolly monkey, whether it can be used as degraded forest and any changes to the animals behaviour in these important areas. Conservation students such as Lucy believe it is vital for people to understand how a species copes with changes in habitat, in order to conserve it in the future.

The event at the Hive on Wednesday April 10 will start at 7pm and entry on the door will cost £6. Proceeds from the presentation will support the 2013 Mono Choro Conservation Project in Peru, supporting the woolly monkey.

Habib Malik-Mansell from the Hive said "Anyone interested in animals or simply with a love of monkeys, should not miss this informative and engaging talk. The Hive is pleased to be hosting this event for Lucy Millington, enabling her to share her passion and knowledge of both conservation and the woolly monkey".

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