Hive on NEETS study

The Hive supports positive action to support unemployed young people:

A lack of aspiration in young people to get involved in training or to find work is a major issue in the County - the Hive in Shrewsbury has revealed.

Commenting on a recent study commissioned by the University and College Union, which has revealed a lack of optimism amongst young people who are not in education, employment or training, the Hive acknowledges that young people in the NEET categories (not in education, employment or training) are facing a significant challenge in the current economic conditions.

Many unemployed young people are said to have the personal desire to work or train; but many fear and believe that they have no chance at all of securing a job.

Alyson Lanning, Director of the Hive said "The publication of this recent study, highlights what the Hive has been aware of for some time. It's important for unemployed young people in Shropshire to feel valued and supported in their aspirations and ambitions." She added "The majority of young people today do want to be in work and they have so much to contribute to society; their potential must be embraced to ensure they gain the most out of life and this is where the Hive can help”.

The youth arts charity – based on Belmont in Shrewsbury - works across Shropshire and the wider region- enabling young people to explore their potential through creative activity and access to the arts in all forms. The organisation has extensive experience of working with NEETS young people, having delivered numerous outreach projects in the past to help give young people the confidence and improvement in self-esteem, which they require to help find suitable jobs or training opportunities.

The study also revealed that high numbers of young people who are NEETS, feel that their potential is being wasted and that they aren't currently a part of society. Over a third of the 16-24 year old NEETS surveyed, believed that they will never succeed in getting a job in the existing climate, according to the report.

The survey has been released days before the latest unemployment figures will be published - and demonstrates the impact that being out of work or education, can have on young people especially.

For more information on the Hive  visit - where case studies of how the organisation has improved the lives of county young people will also be found.