Danny Beath's Views of Shropshire

A memorial exhibition of photographs is about to be unveiled at the Hive in Shrewsbury. The forthcoming exhibition will showcase Danny Beath's views of Shropshire; a collection of events, festivities, people and places - documented through the lens by a real character who made Shropshire his home.

The exhibition will be on show in the Hive's dedicated gallery space starting Thursday August 1 - and it will be in situ in the heart of the town centre until September 9. A special Private View event is taking place next week on Friday August 2 - when selected guests will have the opportunity to preview the stunning series of over 150 photographs which have been chosen to exhibit.

Danny was an exceptional photographer and a unique person, who sadly died in January 2013. He was a familiar feature of Shrewsbury and the Shropshire countryside; walking for miles, waiting at bus stops with camera in hand. He was a man who revelled in colour and Danny celebrated it in his photography; he even saw colour in people he met, describing a character by the aura that surrounded them.

Mike Ashton, who has organised the memorial exhibition said "Danny put so much energy and patience into finding colour at its best. His collection of photos is evidence of his efforts to get the most out of life, reflecting his passion for nature, landscape and discovery of the next award-winning photograph".

The exhibition at the Hive will show some of Danny's less familiar images - concentrating on the many events that he attended around Shrosphire, including regattas, the Folk Festival and Michaelmass fairs. There will also be some well-known landscapes which were the cornerstone of his photographic passion.

Habib Malik-Mansell of the Hive added "The Hive is really looking forward to hosting this exhibition in memory of Danny, who was an individual that we had involvement with over the years. He was a fantastic character and a real part of Shrewsbury; I'm sure this exhibition will be extremely popular with people who wish to remember Danny and his truly amazing photographic abilities."

The show will be available for the public to view from Thursday August 2; visit http://www.hiveonline.org.uk