Author's book now in Waterstones Shrewsbury

A local author is celebrating another achievement this week - for copies of his memoir are now available on sale at the Waterstones store in Shrewsbury town centre.
People can find copies of Neil’s first book - An Englishman and his Mother Abroad - in store. In the book, Neil writes poignantly and vividly about the ten days he spent with his mother in India, staying with friends to celebrate her 90th birthday.
As well as telling his mother’s own story, Neil introduces a cavalcade of characters from India’s history and mythology – from Ranjit Singh, the last great ruler of Punjab; to Prince Half-a-son, a character in an old Punjabi story - amongst numerous others!
Speaking of this week’s news, Neil says “I’m really pleased that copies of my first memoir are now available in Waterstones Shrewsbury - it’s wonderful to see it on the shelves.” He added “People who loved Wind In The Willows, can also purchase my second book, Vive Le Mole, through Waterstones as well as all other bookshops too.”
The news of Waterstones stocking Neil’s first book, comes at the same time as a special reading event for new novel, Vive Le Mole. Neil will provide readings and conversation over mulled wine at Pengwern Books, at 7pm on December 10.
Neil’s literary blog can be browsed at: