Moving Forward

Two weeks ago, Fight The Dice released their very first music video, recorded with local video production company All Ablaze Productions. Soon after, the boys returned to the O2 Academy in Birmingham to support US band The Ex Senators on their UK tour with Jar Music Live. Now, the five Shropshire lads are looking ahead to even bigger things.

A couple weeks ago we released our first single, 'Bad Decisions' to iTunes and Amazon, and released our own official music video to Youtube (links all below) and already the response has been incredible. Time and again we're humbled by the enthusiasm of our fans, and we've already scored nearly 4,000 views and over 140 "likes" on the video page, in just under 2 weeks. Feedback has been incredible already, the single is getting radio play up and down the country, and we've infiltrated pretty much every single student radio playlist in the UK.

For all those of you who want to check out the video, go right ahead, and make sure you wap us your feedback, good or bad:

After the single release, we went over to Birmingham O2 Academy 2 to support The Ex Senators on their UK tour, which gave us a great chance to regroup and have shenanigans, which has been missed of late. The Ex Senators were fantastic on the night and were so good to us, as was everybody else who played there on the night. Birmingham rocked that night, it was awesome. It felt like being home again, that's how much we valued being invited back there.
Since the show on Saturday, our promoters have already offered us more slots, and we're already working with various people to get us shows in Sheffield, Liverpool and London very soon.  Fight The Dice is expanding into the future so make sure you're all a part of it.
Watch this space.

PS: we would like to thank everybody who was involved in the events of the past few weeks, for making them run so smoothly, and such a pleasure to be involved in. Our thanks go to: our brilliant video producer Evan, his crew, Jessica and Keith, Kirsty Bennett for her photography, all the locations who so kindly let us use their premises for shooting, all our extras, the fans who came to the shoot to help out, Jar Music Live for putting us on the O2 bill, the Ex Senators for being great sports, all the bands who were so great on the night, and finally the fans who turned up for the show, to make it yet another unforgettable night.

Thank you all.
-The boys.

Links to all these fantastic guys and their facebook pages can be found at:


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