Tiny Squeak expands into winter boots, hats and accessories

A Shropshire mumpreneur, who recently launched a business selling adorable leather shoes that squeak for tiny feet, has expanded by bringing out a chic range of children’s winter boots, hats and accessories.

Abigail Barker, who set up the online business Tiny Squeak, is now also selling her increasingly sought-after range at the art and craft gallery shop Compost & Gooseberry in Shrewsbury Market Hall.

She has been unveiling her new products, including children’s cable-knit berets and fleece-lined bomber hats, at a series of Christmas fairs throughout Shropshire in the run up to Christmas.

“We decided to introduce a winter collection based on the success of our shoes,” said Mrs Barker, of Minsterley, near Shrewsbury.

“The boots have been a real hit. I think it’s because they’re unusual and people are attracted by their vibrant colours and striking designs. Many mums can’t resist buying two pairs for their daughters.”

Leopard-print fleece booties and leopard and zebra-print baby ruffle knickers are also proving popular.

The faux-fur lined leather boots come in ‘Liquorice Allsort’ style colours, polka dot and zebra prints and, like the unusual Tiny Squeak shoes, can be worn with or without a squeak in the heel.

Mrs Barker, who has developed the range by working with designers, claims the activation of the squeak encourages toddlers to walk heel-to-toe and the sound helps parents keep track of their children’s movements when out-and-about.

Tiny Squeak will be at Weston Park Christmas Fair on December 8 and 9 and Blists Hill Victorian Christmas Fair, Madeley, Telford, on December 15 and 16. Boots designed for boys are due to arrive in January. www.tinysqueak.co.uk