New drama company takes a vested interest in celebrating Christmas the right way

New drama company takes a vested interest in celebrating Christmas the right way

A new theatre company is breaking onto the Shrewsbury scene just in time for Christmas. ‘Vested Interest’ will provide a unique insight into how individuals celebrate the festivities with its first production The Perfect Season.

Co-founder of the company Vicki Duckett says the aim of setting up Vested Interest is write and produce original material. ‘I think we might be unique among other Shrewsbury theatre groups in that we write, develop and perform material that has been created from our own ideas. We are not afraid of letting our imaginations run away with us’ she says.

Verity Brown makes up the other half of this creative partnership.  It is clear that the holiday season has been an inspiration to her in more than one way. ‘We noticed that our friends and family had developed their own rituals and traditions to celebrate Christmas. Stories began to emerge from our conversations and before we knew it Vicki and I had written five or six characters.’

‘We chose Christmas as the theme for our premiere production because it has so much to offer in terms of humour and reflection. You will doubtlessly recognise the characters. There is the serial card sender, the wife who dreams of the perfect Christmas Day, the man who believes he can complete his entire Christmas shopping in 12 minutes and 53 seconds, plus many more.’

‘The Perfect Season is a light-hearted portrayal of how people of every age and background celebrate and survive the ‘most wonderful time of the year.’’

Local performers and theatre graduates make up the cast. The Perfect Season will premiere at The Hive in Belmont, Shrewsbury just before Christmas. Performances begin at 7.30pm on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th December. To book tickets contact The Hive box office on 01743 234 970. Ticket prices are £6 for Adults and £5 for Children. These performances will contain some mild adult content.

Inspiration for Vested Interest came from Vicki and Verity’s interest in exploring their writing potential. ‘Whenever we spoke about doing projects together it had been in reference to a script already published. We could never quite get these projects off the ground.  I think we both knew that if we were going to invest ourselves in the company then we wanted to be doing something new but would also challenge us. Writing this volume of material has certainly pushed us out of our comfort zone but it has also been extremely liberating. If The Perfect Season is warmly received we hope to tour it around local venues next year as well as developing our writing skills with other projects.’

‘We would like to run workshops in local schools and colleges as well. There is a lot of talent in Shrewsbury and we are keen to nurture young, creative minds as well as illustrate our methods of how we devise and create pieces of performance.’


For further information contact Vicki (07948 803066) or Verity (07803 415120) or email [email protected]