Insurance website goes from strength to strength with the help of The Web Orchard

The Brief

ISIS insurance approached The Web Orchard in late 2019 to request a website SEO audit and strategy for improving the website performance. Despite the website being engaging and having good quality content they felt that the website wasn’t performing as well as expected on the main search engines (Google and Bing).

The company are specialists in truck insurance, with a long-established brand and website, and felt their organic ranking in the haulage insurance arena should be a lot higher.

The Process

Operating in a very competitive online environment, The Web Orchard knew that they needed to complete an in-depth and comprehensive website audit to understand what was making the site perform less favourably for organic search than ISIS’s competitors.

Utilising cutting-edge auditing software, online tools, and manual assessment they analysed each web page for both on and off-page elements which could be affecting website performance.

These processes led them to focus on four key areas – Meta Data, Keyword Density, Heading Hierarchy and Site Speed.

The Implementation

Completing in-depth keyword and sector research they were quickly able to identify those keywords which were high performing both for the sector in general and for the specific insurance products provided by ISIS Insurance.

Paying particular attention to the most popular site pages they went through a meticulous process of assessing and updating the page’s meta data, content, headings and heading hierarchy. This allowed them to ensure that each page had keyword-rich content and had a technical structured favoured by popular search engines. This would ensure that search engines would index the pages favourably having assessed them as containing good quality content and technical structure.

These SEO processes took place over a number of weeks with continuous monitoring and reporting showing the impact of the changes we were making in terms of both the site’s ranking for targeted keywords and the website performance in general.

ISIS Insurance have been incredibly pleased with the impact that the SEO work has had on the ISIS insurance website. They have seen significant improvements across the site as a

whole, and the improved rankings have had a considerable impact on site performance, brand-awareness and sales, these results included:

Organic search site visits up 40% on previous year

Average Google ranking improvements for top 5 targeted keywords – 30 places

The Result

Eddie Johnson – Director of ISIS Insurance commented……

“I have been very impressed with The Web Orchard since engaging with them back in late 2019. I was initially, and still am, impressed with their honestly and integrity – they don’t promise immediate miracles but instead give recommendations and realistic timescales for ranking improvements.

We have a monthly SEO report followed by a productive teleconference where we agree next steps and strategy. They have delivered progressive keyword ranking improvements over a 12-month period.

I’m delighted with the new website they have built and published. The principal driver for the decision was SEO and site speed driven, but the look, feel and user experience is a lot better too which is an added bonus. I’m pleased to report visitor numbers are on the increase.”