Exclusive fitness studio in Telford celebrates 60 per cent boom in business

Business is booming at a Shropshire personal training studio as people ditch New Year gym memberships to look for an alternative way to get fit.

Gareth Connell and Maz Bedson, who run Purity Health and Fitness in Wellington, said they had been inundated with people fed up at not achieving their fitness goals just four months after joining a conventional gym.

The boom has resulted in their custom base increasing by 60 per cent compared to this time last year.

Gareth said: “A number of the people who have come to us have jumped in and paid upfront for 12 months membership at a gym without considering if it was the right fitness option for them.

“They just knew they needed to do more exercise but did not look into how they wanted to achieve this. They feel really disheartened that training is not working for them.

“Some people have no problem using a gym and find it easy to get motivated to lose weight and get fit.

“But others find it difficult to stick to going to the gym and once they are there have lost the enthusiasm to train.

“The number of people training at our studio on a weekly basis has increased by 60% on this time last year.”

Gareth, whose private exercise studio is based at Wrekin Professional Health Centre on Holyhead Road, has been working in fitness, personal training and practicing as a massage therapist for just over 10 years.

He said: “This is where Purity Health and Fitness can step in. We provide an effective alternative to a gym where you can exercise in comfortable surroundings in private.

“There is no pressure and if you are a little nervous about getting fit there is the opportunity to try new exercises without other people watching. It really is one to one which is quite unique.”

Purity Health and Fitness also has a private room where people can discuss their training and undergo health assessments. Holistic and sports massages are also available at the studio.

Gareth and Maz are also amongst the few personal trainers in Shropshire who are fully qualified to provide training with kettlebells - fitness tools which are becoming increasingly popular.

Maz, who has a sporting background in judo, hockey and skiing, added: “We treat every client as individuals and discuss very carefully what they need to do to achieve their fitness goal - and that is a very personal thing.

“If they are having a difficult time getting into training then we are there to provide some motivation.”

For more information visit www.purityhealthandfitness.co.uk.