County Author Pens novel telling Shropshire's turbulent history!

A Shropshire author's second novel follows the turbulent life of a premier countess of England whose only real happiness was in the county during her second marriage to Eubolo LeStrange, a younger son of a Marcher baron.
The tale of Alice De Lacy and the political turmoil at the end of the thirteenth century is told in ‘Throne of Shame’, a historical novel which weaves fact with fiction by Fran Norton.
Fran, of Newport, also penned ‘In the Shadow of a Tainted Crown, which is still currently selling well in the county after being published in 2010.
She said: “Following the success of my first novel I wanted to research a part of Shropshire’s history closer to home and discovered the Cheswardine connection with Alice De Lacy and was delighted to find this interesting character.
“Betrothed at nine and premier countess of England by the age of 15 Alice De Lacy, daughter of the Earl of Lincoln, may have expected a life of ease and privilege, but that was not to be.
“Wealth and titles were no defence against a bullying, lecherous husband, Thomas of Lancaster, especially as his Uncle was King Edward 1. After her husband’s execution Alice enjoyed all too brief a period of happiness in Shropshire with her second husband but was once again widowed and found herself prey to ambitious men.
“I hope readers find her story is one of interest as I found researching her turbulent life a great pleasure.”
The novel will be on sale for £8.99 in county bookshops this month.
Fran will also be signing copies of the novel at Castle Book Shop in Ludlow during the town’s Medieval Weekend on November 24th from 2pm.