Celebration at Specialist Pen Shop

One of the world’s leading pen specialists attended a celebration at an award-winning Shropshire shop.

John Sorowka is an expert in fountain pans and was guest of honour at an open evening held to mark an expansion at Write Here in Shrewsbury’s High Street.

The business, which is an independent retailer specialising in pens, cards, toys, games and stationery, hosted the event to mark the completion of a major refurbishment project which has doubled the size of the retail area dedicated to pens.

Proprietor John Hall said that he was delighted that John Sorowka could attend to give advice about pens to customers.

“He is a real craftsman…very knowledgeable and passionate about pens and he will adjust nibs to suit an individual’s writing style

“The celebration was very successful – it is great that in this digital age so many people are interested in good quality writing instruments and hand written communication and we have expanded this side of our business in the shop and on line to reflect this,” John Hall explained.

He said that the ‘star of the show’ at the open evening was a £…. limited edition pen dedicated to Charles Darwin, made by Omas, an Italian manufacturer of luxury writing instruments.