Apprentice scheme success for Pick Pack Post

A Shropshire internet sales firm run by a man with a self-confessed ‘limited knowledge’ of computers has taken on four young apprentices to help move the company forward and is celebrating his decision following their success.

Andrew Whitfield, of Pick, Pack, Post, in Shrewsbury admits to being ‘left in the dust and totally amazed’ by the scope of talent and imagination displayed by his four new recruits, Taylor Bowen, Mark Beadle, Stuart Holloway and Rebecca Davies.

The company sells gifts and remembrance products around the world from its warehouse base at Harlescott, in Shrewsbury, and his new young team has just designed and set up an eBay shop outlet in Australia.

Andrew said: “These youngsters have previously spent many hours playing computer games in their bedrooms so the world wide web doesn’t faze them at all and they are currently working together to promote our products both on the internet and through social media sites.

“They have even created a personal Twitter account and Facebook page for me, but are somewhat reluctant to spend the time to show me how to use it!”

The apprentices are all studying business administration at Shrewsbury College and assistant head of business development, Corinne Brown commented: “It is wonderful to see local businesses investing in our young people and more importantly that they are seeing the benefits almost immediately.

“I myself am in the process of introducing social media into my department, but feel that I have a long way to go before I reach the current skills of this team.”

One of the apprentices, Rebecca Davies added: “We are all very grateful to be given a chance to prove just what we are capable of and to have the opportunity to gain qualifications to help pursue our chosen careers.

Andrew and Corinne are pictured being ‘introduced to mobile apps’ by apprentices, from left, Taylor Bowen, Mark Beadle, Stuart Holloway and Rebecca Davies.