Write Here seeing craze for bullet journals

Do you have lists on random pieces of paper floating around your home, post-it notes stuck on the fridge and half a dozen notebooks in various rooms with different items to remember written in them?

In which case a bullet journal – currently one of the most popular items in a Shropshire shop - could be exactly what you need to get your house organised this year.

These journals came into fashion last year and are now still selling well at Write Here in Shrewsbury’s High Street as they enable people to plan their lives in a clear and satisfying way.

“The journals are a cross between a diary, a calendar and a notebook and started to become a bit of a craze last year,” explains John Hall of Write Here, adding that the shop can also emboss the front of any journal with a name or message.

“They are still selling well as they are so practical for home owners – people put everything down in them, using bullet points as the core structure,” he said.

John explained that the journals contained an index with a table of contents that people can update regularly; a daily log with tasks that need to be done and other observations; a monthly log which is a traditional monthly calendar with tasks; a rapid logging system with symbols that help you to get things done; a future log with a year-at-a-glance calendar where you can put events, goals, and long-term jobs; daily to-do lists and monthly project lists.

In addition there is room for recipes, receipts, cooking plans and milestones.

“If you have a bullet journal you should have no excuse for having a disorganised home!” said John.