Working Women's Course Launched to Kick-Star 2019

A Shropshire businesswoman has launched a brand new course aimed at helping entrepreneurial women to kick-start their health, wellbeing and balance in 2019.

Laura Butler, who works with individuals and businesses to enhance wellbeing, happiness and productivity, has launched her ‘Women’s Health Transformation Academy’ aimed at helping ‘Wondering-How-Mums’ turn into ‘Wonder-Mums’.

Enrolling now to start in January 2019, Laura will provide an online and supported six-month mentorship focused on helping clients achieve their body and health aspirations, develop and maintain a more balanced work and home life, enhance relationships, as well as feel happier, more content, and in control of their lives.  

She said: “As a working mum myself I’ve struggled in the past with being fully present in whatever I do, whether that be thinking about work while I’m with my family, or thinking about what I need to do at home when I’m at work, as well as feeling like I’m too busy to really focus on me and my self-care.

“It’s a problem that’s so common amongst working mums, and the Women’s Health Transformation Academy is designed specifically for those not feeling completely content in their lives. Mums are all-too-often expected to work like they don’t have children, and raise a family like they don’t work, so many of the all-important areas, such as the quality of personal relationships, nutrition and fitness, all go to the back of the queue.

“This programme will provide women with support, mentoring and advice on how to fit all of this into their busy everyday lives, helping them to focus on their own wellbeing, and replacing negative habits with positive ones. I’m so excited about this new venture and spaces are already filling up fast with individuals committed to making 2019 their year!”