Work experience results in employment for student

Hard work and professionalism has paid off for a Shropshire student after their work placement leads to a permanent job.

Natasha Beaman, 17 from Shrewsbury, is currently studying Level 3 Travel & Tourism at Shrewsbury College and as part of the College’s work placement programme, Natasha had the opportunity to work at Opulent Travel Services.

Opulent Travel Services, based in Shrewsbury, are specialists in international lifestyle travel management and create luxury tailor-made holiday packages.

Natasha wowed bosses with the skills she had learnt at college alongside her professionalism and good work ethic and as a result, Natasha was offered a permanent post.

Leighann Morgan, Managing Director of Opulent Travel Services, said: “When Natasha first joined us at the start of her eight-week work experience programme, she was quite quiet. Over the weeks, we have seen her confidence and professionalism build. We are really excited to have Natasha join our team as we know she will be a really great asset. Working with Shrewsbury College enables us to not only get students with a great work ethic but we can also help them into the world of employment – giving them the chance and opportunities to succeed.”

Natasha said: “I am really grateful to be offered a permanent post at Opulent Travel Services. Being able to get the experience of working with the public face-to-face whilst using the knowledge and understanding of my course at Shrewsbury College worked well. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everyone at Opulent Travel Services and I look forward to starting my career in the travel industry with them.”

Jackie Swan, Curriculum Lead for Travel & Tourism said: “I’m delighted and congratulate Natasha for gaining employment with Opulent Travel Services. She is one of many success stories of our students gaining employment this year as a result of work experience - an essential and key element of the Travel and Tourism programme of study. Students have opportunities to work alongside large and small employers both locally and nationally to grow in commercial awareness, as well as develop and build on their interpersonal qualities and skills needed in the industry.”